Another important element of the intervention is the post-accommodation follow-up. The support offered helps to consolidate the skills that the person has made during their stay. This is the link that can make the difference between staying in an apartment or going back to the street, solving a problem or giving up. This program is funded under the federal government’s “Vers un chez soi” program. In addition, all former residents can find help and comfort from all those involved in the House.

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“For me Tangente, in a word: stability. La Maison Tangente brought me stability in a life where there was none. ” A.

The first step is to help residents move into stable housing and then offer them the support they need to stay there and avoid losing that housing, which would invariably lead them to work. back to homelessness.

Secondly, other support measures are added, if necessary, to improve health-related results, parenting, acquisition of apartment living skills, education. and professional integration (return to work, training or school), all by means of individualized follow-up or by group activities helping to break isolation and promoting social affiliation ( thematic, informative workshops, collective kitchens, etc.) The support measures and tools put in place will help create stable living conditions, facilitate stable housing conditions in order to promote the socio-economic integration of these young people.